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Egg Hunters

Posted to Action Poetry

yo! spermatazoa
you gotta mind of your own
rushing to conclusions
engorging my bone

my flacid penis
quite comfortable in its place
now persuing passion
as if it were a race

whats happened to all
those thoughts so pure
tossed outta my head
desire lookin for a cure

o! spermatazoa
you rugged little things
championing your powers
without concern for a ring

you wanna shoot out
and look for that egg
you dont give a fuck
if you end up on a leg

you rudely disturb me
when i'm deep in thought
you dont give a damn
for the peace that i've sought

the only piece you want
is when mother nature cries
engorging my shaft
causing others to hear lies

well now you bastards
seems i got no choice
but to rid you from me
while i make a funny voice

ahh ahhh hah...yea
ahummm...hmmmm whoa!
come on out spermatazoa
your all free to go

i'd much rather you waited
but your patience is zero
and i feel rather foolish
making my hand such a hero

but such is your ways
it becomes quite the joke
you just cant get out
without me using my strokes

egg hunters you all are
this cant be disputed
you have power to raise the dead
and leave a body quite muted

but now you can replenish
while i go take a nap
dreaming of my loved ones
sweet and damp little trap

one that i may fall into
next time you get a notion
and i'll fill her with words
and you little swimmers
of passions warm ocean