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waddaya do (when the rain) hits you

Posted to Action Poetry

waddya do when yellow is the
color, red is the number,
the archaic misnomer of
yr satisfied ovations
(the cinder block righteousness
you preach) teach in hiding

waddaya do (if peculiar
dragons) or bleak desperado
love conjurs up freedom
dressed in drag, at 40th
& payne on a midnight
in summer, in traction
the bones of yr necessity
broken like styrofoam
sticks, twigs like twine

waddya do, this energy
the whatnot of our cool
osmosis, the things i give
to you (not wanting a thing
in return) the songs i sing
with yr blessing in tones
that echo across foothills
with leather pockets & a
shrine with a deep madonna

waddya do (when the rain)
hits you, like a gloved fist
the west of our directions
taken apart in thin deeds,
i rescue you from a no-
man's land where we dwell
together, face to face,
the dust of our intensity
the heaving omens i breathe
or not (as the crow flies)

-- markk