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i fight the rain

Posted to Action Poetry

bursting coming out of my tree leaf corner
like a reuben wonder hurricane tida
flying out across the big ass lake
i fight the rain
like cormorant wings from out of the hill hugging trees
flapping i fly and then the rain
drips down, down, downing me, bringing me to this deep drowning cleveland town all in nightthundersleep
it's October again,
and i recall in my bird ass weather
this town i cussed, a solemn town
yet blessed but cursed by a madman savior
that dh levy the king of the cormorants
greedy in need of the word, rapacious and mean
true and full of it trying his desperate wish
to cure a mean city's sins
this city it killed him
too many bricks and too much steel
and hearts full of lead
telling them yelling them
about all their fuck you money
mimeoing away splattered and astrolabed
yeah. levy, he lived here once, he stood right over there, that's right, in midtown
on da corner passing out his mimeo dreams
a fool a king in exile a lover a dreamer and one spouter
poet of lovers - and man, word, they shot him down
but he pulled the trigger
i miss him now, and
i stand here on this telephone wire
saying to jeckle, yes heckle
we's magpies now
we're long necked
we're hookbilled
and gluttons
i held levy's soul
wrapped in my beaky claws
and kissed him
as his spirit
rose on into the deep cleveland night
we're flying dreambombs
aching of love
let's go
let's go rain down heaven
on cleveland tonight
and afterwards,
we'll hit the flats

brutha man, i am sensing your hope and all your despair
levy lives...
and lives on!

peace and love