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War Machines [scrambled edit cut short]

Posted to Action Poetry

the war dogs are howlin'
from their white house
the skies they're crawlin'
with the screamin' hawks
while another kid goes hungry
his mother dying in pain

the troubadors are singin'
the words meant for the wise
while another 100 billion
are spent in foolish folly
paid for by tongues silenced
from fear of speaking out

the world is shaking
while the rich are banking
on an outcome that just may
leave them financially well off
at the expense of slave labor
just enough to keep 'em starved

they use excuses like terror
but the terror rises from them
that yell for more blood
to be spilled across the deserts
seeping down to taint the oil
to quench the machines endless thirst
[and so the slow-mo edit button somehow fucked up my stream of consciousness regarding this piece]