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The Blackness of this Cave

Posted to Action Poetry

In the blackness of this cave
I'm sealed inside infinity
A shrink wrapped surprise
I suffer
Sharp tooth denial
Sometimes I feel like I need Help
Other times I feel like I am God

In the blackness of this cave
lights are smouldering, pestilent
I loathe my intestine track
I wish I was an Eagle
Soaring great majesty
Traslucent Knight,
Veins on Fire
These are the occassions, black-eyed regret

In the blackness of this cave wind smiles from behind a tree?
I could dance in that comfort
for a second
alight and enlightened
Honesty is the drug they want you to take
like soma (clinical sterile high)
I broke the lamp
I am killed a million times

I wouldn't swap the blackness of this cave for the sickly brightness of any other. My cave has a door and I can come and go as I please, and I do please!