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alpha bravo came to town

Posted to Action Poetry

feel those boots pushing
in the sand now man
we got real soldiers to kill now
lock and load fer uncle sam
cause i'm his nephew do or die
say it yuh damn bastard
uh-mare-uh-kuh is number one!

hell i knew some bitch who
had that "desert storm syndrome"
he just wasn't red white and blue enuff
c'mon we got a job to do
disarming suhdamn
we got a democracy to build here
look at these fucking people man!

fuck it
do you got your magazine?
do you got your magazine?
we'll show em mass destruction
them sneeky fuckin a-rabs

no one else is gonna do it
is the pussy u.n. gonna do it?
is our pussy allies gonna do it?
no no no who's gonna do it?
uh-mare-uh-kuh that's who
uh mare i kuh