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Strong Unlike the World

Posted to Action Poetry

New colors are discovered
Within the rythem of rivers
And the unsteady feeling of waiting for a time.
Of who knows when- or where-
Under what circumstances-
If ever.
Maybe Never.
Drifting Drifting
For the Steller mono prints.
Carved from fagile beachwood-
Displaying on disign- one idea-
Utopia- "nothing ever happens."
Mail is fun to get-
From friends.
And Im footbound in Carbondale
Hitchin' rides fom fellow men-
Watchin reggae- familymen.
Burried idols closed eyes
Soul holes heal- stuck footbound-
Running for the reason of urgency.
For musics' sake-
Fantasy Spillway cursed in a
Society of Straight Right perched idealisms.
War hawk hell hole. Grubbers.
"Ya gotta have war to have peace."
Paradox of the Thought(less) Captives.
Who programs this Bullshit in their mindheads.
Brainwashed killing machines-
forever experiencing primal fears and rages
Only subdued by "smoking my cigs" or by
"puttin a bullet through some towl heads."
People fighting for beliefs.
Supported through belief- truth faith-
Inwords/ Inwards/
Not so Distant future shock of illusion.
Here- Now-
Lion's territorial seek/struggle
Over the stiring string of momentos.
Hard hat brimming full of
Dharma Scorpios.
Hungry for Tomorrows' Today.
Yesterday's martyred lampost.
Burnt .
Fallen .
Desolate Angel of Beatific -->
Poetry House Acoustic Singalongs.
A troubled soul on the Run
And clouded in 'It All'

Lost in the Abyss.
Melting unto nothigness.
Feeling "too deeply"
Gladeyed Woman of Stiles.
Bound in the fact that
We were and still are

:: "Above this all" ::

Painless Morning-
Dry- throat- choked up a little.
Lacking knowledge-
Clothed and untitled.
Unreakable shining woman ->

Princess of Near Blessed Sonic Future.
Unlike the Rest-
Silent stepping Tennis Shoes-
Salvation army wardrobe-
Strong unlike the world.

"Raining from the 1st-
dying there of thirst-
so I came in here-
And your longtime curse is
hurts by whats worse is this
pain in here- I cant stay in here-
aint it clear" ~Dylan .

Hopeful Everlasting - Never- ending
Spiritually Cultivated Friends
Well fed in our needless world-
True to each other in the sense of
All That is DrumLove-
Painless- Unbreakable-
Soothsaying Snowball effect of a Woman-
Harmonic solo ...
Viceless justice kisses.
Virtuous Virtuoso Flame Catchers.
American in the Sense of Peace-
Timed in a place unlike the past-

Unrestful in this Sunken state of mind.
Depressed upon the height of the treasure
And the relase put upon my dreamy eyed life cultivators-
expanding each others' gardens-
sympathizing with the Sands of the Beach and Blameless in All reality-
A product of something which
We are unable to choose-
Persauded by modern-day
Pophets of Sublime Virtue.
Old Troy on the corner-
Speaking Joy.
And The Wabash Bum tripping with Bo Oliver.
Talking about
Space Life on Planet Earth and
Running o'er to Haley's house-
folded hip spirit in my destiny bag brimming with blue flood waters of understanding
Prophetic tale of Yester and future Tribes.
In a world full of confusion.
I wish to be Invited to Your Mind
For a taste of my next Life Force.

Dirty Brown Hair
And Sparkfilled Eyes to ignite
'the match/flame'
Upon Blueyed Curled brown hair in a
Drifting Boat of Understanding
Across the Lava Sea of Change

"If I know the way, I would take you home."~Hunter
Take me Holm.
Much Love.