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cardinals on the wind

Posted to Action Poetry

i am only a minute
of your life.
a clock of grandfathers
in the corner of our church.
take me now,
take me soon,
i don't want to be left behind.
won't you love me now?
kiss me as you lean down,
your bottom lip
biting the peaks of my upper lip.
at that moment,
we're cardinals
against the grey of winter.
flaging down the spring
with our flight pattern of abandon.
invisible strings
tied to our legs
pulling the sun
by its hesitant heart.
no one knows us
although we are two of a kind
dragging the world by our toes.
i fear your red wings will dance
while mine
will falter and fade.
there must be a swoop to your love,
a dangerously low dive
wherein you can catch me
stop for me
and take me now.
i am only half as vibrant
on the wind
in this red coat