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I've just been inspired by a drumming chick

Posted to Action Poetry

That shit needs to be grabbed! I'd like to dedicate this 'take your pencil for a walk' to HepKat.


Smiling, sublime good fortune winds
A shower of pixie littered muzak
shattering the ear
somewhere between God and a high place

Somewhere among the frightened leaves is grass
so sweet, serene in Autumn ambers
I'll just have a little
Emancipated in moonlight
Devil shouldered goddess
Drive by poetry reading in caffine dawn
a mystery for the locals
crying for justice
justice never cried!
Oh, I'm going to feed the ducks
have fun with the sun
It's all too beautiful
this devine marching man
toothache prism
skipping daffodill shoe
Deepest darkest regret from the bottom of my secret drawer right inside the biscuit barrel with Stanely and Steve
The cunning elbow
Lying in a horizontal mist