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(for nicholas, andy, jess, patrick, julianna)

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for tonight i realized i am here with you..the sound of vibrations slapping me into focus..the blur of resonant voices that spark a flare for inspiration..the weeds cut down and dig to the bottom of me..the trumpet vine connecting dots with hummingbirds..the measure of sugar novacane i can't get enough of you..the words simple to mesmirize(sp?) the picture..the iridescent wax spilt on these palms figured for degas to dream about the metallic taste bronzed on me the taste buds of future..cast a rose petal to your ceiling fan and watch the confetti fall with grace..the amplification of determination fuelled no matter the bitterness of atmosphere here..a living part of a whole that distortion crumbles with irongates handing out flyers to this show..the grieving period is over baby..maybe today tonight i'm yours maybe tomorrow youre mine..pull the straw for we all had the longest and never compare the matter..just go even if the wind rips off the face..don't need it ... i kissed the wishing stone before i send it off to you.. four leaf cloves never found..unimportant ..for we are real in momentum of moments and never contaminate my everlasting spring...take your sip; gulp when needed for it is for you and only you