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there are so many linking things in this succinct poem, i hate hyperbole but it's like a gordian knot, fer real. first i couldn't decided what level this poem was on (physical, spiritual, metaphorical, auto-biographical, etc.) and figured it was on all of em (to make it simpler fer my dummy mind) and then i couldn't decided what time frame it was in, or the mood, or even how many people are in the poem (the persona speaking to herself? or someone else?) or why it seemed like the list of adjectives could be both instantaneous and temporal... argh. if i may be blunt, i can't remember the words of the poem specifically, it just gave me this feeling and dammit that's what poetry should do.

i would actually hate to imagine this was all calculated. i think you just tapped into my brain Hester with your poem.

uh, thanks.