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binary stars

Posted to Action Poetry

he takes me
slow to heaven
past the halos
of the moon,
he flies beyond
turpitude -
the doubt of
heaven attempting
to figure out
the shout of
a star -

and we are binary,
circulating around ourselves,
the far part of paradise sliced,
endeavoring meter,
the sweet repeating of near
and far significantly echoed by
fingertip sighs
crying pain
released with
skin touched
on tips of never enough

i am a dove
perched on his spirit,
his arms held out for mounting
wings open
air like circulation
resilient -
he spills
my fill

we are too close
and yet too far
to be separate,

i've relinquished my method.

i am eclipsed, my lips resting on
the dawn, resisting no fawn, denying
no dignity, no dips in gravity significant -
no resistant paths of light,
no flight of any gander,
wings open to possible flight
patterns, no matter the arc

stark is a heart
which cannot talk

we are binary stars,
calculating mass
passing -
we are ecliptical
full daunting haunting
pulling the pulse

dust doesn't know us

he is just to wipe the sky
passed by and my eye
follows , connectiing

he takes me slow to heaven
past the halos of the sun,
he flies me fast past trepidation
losing loss with won

we are patterning heaven -
drawing a map!

come come!
no lapse of miracles
can be... come to the ends
of fluidity and danger!
the universe needs us
i tell him, crying hold me
hold me hold me hold me

we are binary
it exceeds us

he told me