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this isn't pms but it might as well be because i'm going to kick your ass

Posted to Action Poetry

don't you dare tell me
to calm down
to relax
to shut my mouth
you can rest assured
that i won't
not for a very long time...
in fact why don't you?
just shut up!
i've closed and opened
my eyes, yet, there you still are
and i wonder why?
yes, i know i'm yelling
no, i will not keep my voice down
why the fuck are you still here?
what's wrong?
am i ok?
what do you think, genius?
this is what rage feels like
this is blood rising to the surface
this is me way over the edge
so fuck you
with your talking
and staring
and breathing

(oh guess what?
i just found gum on my shoe
and if i find out
that it belonged to you
i will make you scrape it off
with your god damned teeth...
no i'm not kidding.)

do you hear me?
do you?


just shut
the fuck