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my existence in lunar cycles, growing to swell my belly and mind, then shrinking into reclusion and loneliness, i read the words as they bring us closer with a taunt rope, pulling tighter and tighter with every reply, drawing my veiled shell to my ankles, crumbling in the sunlight, with precise razor blade slits, my flesh exposed to the elements, in tender almond lithe fragileness, feeling your hands touch to the depths of my rib cage, to cup my beating heart, in the silence of us, nothing else but, us, the day unraveling in stringy knots, that cling to one another like scared children, tiny fingers gripping for life in the fear of loss...mine, opening to freefall, into your thoughts, while my feet slip and raise themselves, towers above my clutter, that stand symmetrical and fresh, while the sky calls out to them from its contrast, i hear the clock, and realize, maybe i really was asleep before...