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love, in my eyes

Posted to Action Poetry

i've never been insanely in love, sacrificing my senses for a moment of someone else, my wrist slit in the middle of my pain, cause there was a lack of anyone, i've tasted petty things, that gave me inadequate results, pieces of who something bigger, something relevant, only commercial trinkets, that dangle on my arms or thighs, holding little validity, a smile, green eyes, a embrace of security, the voice i think i recognize, a look that holds me tight, love unreciprocated from me, as the words grow depth, meaning less and less every moment they exist, til they fall short and splatter on the pavement of an era, one i knew would die in my own arms, my womb empty of it all, i thought i was in love only a couple of times, but the first, was childish infatuation, that made us grow older in experimentation, the second, was my chance at freedom and rebellion, a deviation from the norm, of upper class dinner parties and maids doing my laundry when i said so, the last, was a drug, that drug me over broken glass by the hair, feeding me poisons, my body needed to survive, offering me the abstract, a parallel path with thorns, to rip into my honey flesh, suckling the blood, and making me a mother ikon, as i drew in little life, only the decay of who i once was, still trying to recover, all i have had, is my faith and hope, that one day, there will be a greater love, one that topples my views, into an inferno, where they were made, and heals the rifts, lesions that cover my thoughts, while love evades me, in the chilled autumn wind...