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I think this is the time for me to be mature, considering I just convinced...sit with my back up against a fence and read, class is cancelled. leave the lights on and the windows open. I was surprised to hear the familiar sing-song chant..."excuse me, but can you spare something so I can get something to eat?"

Girl with a skateboard strapped to her back. She has a cute hair style. Tickets and promotional flyers are all over the ground. The sun is so bright it's hard to see. There is a battleship docked on the Camden waterfront & smoke shooting up a tall stack on that side of the river. a beautiful young girl and her beautiful baby with chubby legs. she got robbed. she was calm and pleasant. didn't want to get the person in trouble because it was her relative. maybe bugs sound like birds to birds, twittering in a pitch/ language not quite comprehensible but audible.