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aint it good to be alive ( yay for Autumn)

Posted to Action Poetry

Attempting contemplation of the senses
and tracing sticky fingers over memories I hold
of you and I and them and they
in times when nothing was the matter at the hand
and my what a matter can nothing be.
Spacey breathed transcripts
pour over the silences now
and time
the deciever has set the stone to turn
still I yearn
of moments when the same was never to be
a day would turn swiftly to her sister
I pause
and the song continues
a fugue of sorts
and patterned notes turn in spiral
and higher
brothers in space
a realtive notion of family orientation.
See my soul, sister
mirrored by your smile
sullen linguistics
but the back beat to this jive
listen closly mama
aint it good to be alive?