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Crazy Mind scribbles

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Six am at the art gallery.
You from your surreal self (holy lapdance music, giraffe silouhette).
Blues Harmonica and Bill played the horn to wailling door mouse people with purple love in their train station hearts at midnigh.
Give them a phonecall and ask for Jesus to rescue, I also want another beer down the hatch, leaping mad man he is an hysterical bastard and a flirt of the sensless.
Would be interested in death clicks and sweet brown eyes. Innocence and sexiness 'she will' she said never fully knowing.
I want her for free!
land of the brave in nice shoes.
Mountain of the vinegar sunshine at dawn, drinking, laughing dolphin they trust.
I'm alive and want remote control island channel tunnel. Bert left for America, home, to be a New York Doll.
Taste butter from the lament for the biscuit crazy cohorts all skull duggery and bad clothing like penguin governments.
One huge conspiracy for the toilet brush!
I am the man at the door, laboratory testing road making stuff for the boss in your skull.
Midnight promenade, sad pain in the neck brilliance justify the ends.
When I was 18 I got a job in a tapdance on Mars!