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in this life
the words drizzle
staining the window
with its pain
streaming colors
of crimson times
when i was open
body and heart
legs and mouth
wrists and veins
etching canyons
on my pristine flesh
honey almond scars
that glow brighter
with the heat
that my body emits
with tiny pyrogems
going haywire
inside the intricate
roadways of
the vascular system
touching me
in every crevice
with snake venom
my gullet swollen
from the poison
that was once
a lovers kiss
on my lips
i close my eyes
and fall into
the comfort of home
my personal space
made of cotton
family portraits
and memories
that slide
into my blood
making me drunk
cause i mixed 'em
with three bottles
of red wine
and a bottle
of sleeping pills