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love hated me

Posted to Action Poetry

and all the imposed distortions
I begged it to assume
like great Ceasar wearing white,
its trust in me was innocent
until my dirk of apprehension
disembowled with sharp sedition
a cool sadism
for its withered flesh,
It hated me
when I like a stone Gorgon gazed
upon its tender line with harsh erosion
defacing beauty's nose with spite-
a jaded artistry,
I knew nothing else besides
the shriveled womb of heatless life
love: a repugnant insidious worm
bitter as bile and likewise burning,
Love did not wish to despise me
as much as I provoked for hate,
though it may have regretted
its obstinate hope in creatures such as me...
it did not grant me silence
through a quick and bloodless death,
it did far worse
in slaying me with mercy