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Ode to the little giant warrior magician

Posted to Action Poetry

In the words of
Rudyard Kipling

"You'll be a Man
My Son"

What a little man
you be

Your sword
once more
in my protection

The sword of UNITY

A little brave
magic boy
took it back
from the one
who wore it against his body
but with intentions to do harm

How proudly you brandished
above you head
then drove it in sacred ground
Little Master Magician
Boy, you've done me proud

You broke the warlocks
secret spell
And, my love
at aged five
you are thousand fold more
than him

A little boy
who five years ago today
first nourished
at my breast
Is growing into
what I have to say,
quite simply

Caleb....oh intrepid one
I love you,
My gentle magic son