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I kind of figured as much (to be truthful). You don't seem like one who very easily forgets an offense (or offensive place) or treats conviction lightly. I like this poem, but I have to admit that I've read better from you. A few original and stirring lines, I thought, were these:

to retrieve your fallen
rarity and notice its
rare coolness

(a lovely expression)

The poet's duty is to see beauty and suffer in reverence.

(you could spin a whole other poem from this statement, it is full)

I briefly skimmed over "Something Heroic" and will give it another more attentive read.

Don, OldUglyPoet...if your essence is uncomely, then Adonis is an eyesore (and I am not frivolous with my flattery).
You know, things can happen that you never can should take a chance (coming from a coward who never did take that one chance in a similar situation and later has found herself grateful for it, actually). Unrequited love, what torture could be worse than that not even given the chance to be so.

What a lofty lonliness to be that porcelain Muse. Flesh it out. My advice (take with caution) only.

Go ahead and write the saddest lines, I can't imagine what the most joyous stings would swell in you.