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october comes as a surprise

Posted to Action Poetry

october comes as a surprise
every year.
brown in every hue
tripping my feet
along a once empty path
suddenly lined with leaves of tiny shades of summer.
(strange how warmth is echoed in things now dead.)
your voice travels a much shorter distance--
its tone filled with more importance every second.
i might be gone when the year ends,
my hair still as firery as it was in summer.
don't take me for granted,
not just yet.
the sun is still so beautiful.
why is it now
when i feel i'm dying
that you love me so completely,
without reserve?
i cower under blankets
holding your hand
(clenching for dear life)
it's been such a lonely path
without you,
don't leave me--
i would never recover.
the mist hangs low on the tips of cornstalks
while the night seems to never fully disappear.
don't let my smile fade in this wild ride of ours,
hold me as close to your skin as is possible.
see this fall with me
even though i've come as a surprise
this year.