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2002 girlfriend

Posted to Action Poetry

I think I'm going crazy/ losing my mind/ I love him/ he loves me/
what's the
Tragedy? /
Funny, you would think with time / security would fill my veins/
instead I'm
growing weary/ in man's new ass 'tude/

I can't help but wonder / who he's thinking
of/ can't help but start feeling/ like the ball and chain/of this love
I fill my head with future plans /Sullen with anxiety I feel those
plans drifting/

It was nothing he said/ just time is threatening / my plans / I want
a life with him/ I feel I already have/ I feel like thru all these years
before I met him /he was with me/ he was there waiting/secretly I
knew I'd find him/I'm holding so tight/my knuckles are turning

I'm fearing the worst/my own torture shelf / my own ego / of
familiarity /

I don't want to be that girlfriend/ you can't take out/I don't want to
be that
girlfriend /that doesn't trust you

Oh! When you get jealous/I feel you full of guilt/where do I stand?
/ Tell me where do I put my feet around you? / why am I so
insecure? / Why am I so worried? /

No obligation to me/don't feel like you HAVE to stay /am I making
all this up? / What am I creating with my doubts? / The momento
is in the air/I know you need me/tell me you need me/

My heart so fragile dropped, in his hands, before I could hold
Before I knew
We'd make it
To here
Days became months
Now we're ready into another year/

I love you don't leave me
I love you don't hurt me
I love you don't fear me
I love you
Ah my head
My head
My thoughts
My emotions
Are torturing
I see you
Don't know what to do
With the girl that is suddenly cold
outta fear
I'll get you first..

I don't want to play that game
I want you to want me
do you still?
All these memories fueling my desire
you stole my heart so long ago
The decisions you've helped me sort / and sometimes
It's just so hard for me to say "baby,I need you please stay"
I'm so proud in my ways