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death and dying

Posted to Action Poetry

there they lay
all of them
dead now
we stare at their graves
their names stare back at us

what do we know of death?
only that we grow old and die
only that we lay beneath the ground
a coffin all around us
a roof of dirt above us
an underworld of people like us
people who once laughed
once loved

what do we know of what happens to us when we die?
there are so many ideas
some say heaven
if you are good
some say hell
if you are not
some say your soul lives on
some say nothing
your body just lies there
as if you were in a deep sleep

there they lay
dead now
so what's separating us from them?
the living from the dead?
we still laugh
still love
we are aware that one day we too will die
they are aware of nothing