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i wept
in cermaic hot tea cups
with fragile forms
making myself shudder
at window panes
while cold
lingered over me
in a half hidden way
touching deep inside
of every orifice
tasting me
with a virgins rebirth
i let it in
the pain
the memory
the tale
that wove around
my entirety
leaving red scars
as it slithered
with temptation
over my disgusted flesh
closing me off
calling in sick
from work today
to hide in the chill
of coastal winds
curtains open
to the grey sky
mimicing my mood
with precision
i lay there
with your face
floating over me
in times now
barren as the love
i lost in a night
that bred
on cellular levels
multiplying through mitosis
until it became
able to leave
on its own
with disregard
to the hole
it tore in me
with a pale blue face
and bruised arms
my lithe abuse
moved on
to shed silent tears
for the trivial
human emotions
that leave
after taste
in the back of
my throat
that's now