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Poem Assembled (from last evening's posts on utterances)

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Putting our business on the street

Doreen is on the other computer (a laptop)
Trying to get on a cheesy site called (passions in poetry, Christ)
I think it is a minor league club for hallmark
It’s even more of a meat market than this
They think that a response to a post should read—“great write”
They won’t let you say certain words,
Good Anglo-Saxon expletives like FUCK
What kind poetry site is that?
But she is obsessed with the place because
All her poetry is archived there and
She thinks that anyone who can rhyme
June and moon is a poet.

If you can’t figure it out
Try this rhyme
There’s a difference between
Literature and makin’ time
First they wanna help you with
Your mac
Next thing you know it’s
“what’s your sign?”

As fact would have it
I’m a Saggitarius
A real horses butt
With bow and air-ius

In poetry rhymes
Are capitol crimes
And if the Bard
Wrote greeting cards
We could buy Hamlet
For a dime.
What’s my sign?
Is a pickup line
Smoother cuz
It rhymes?