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cast in light
bathed in flesh
left alone
pulse arrest
pulled aside
hopeful eyes
made my bed
and covered lies
pricked to explain
tricked into pain
my crown so bejeweled
a panacea for fools
(but a stocked medicine cabinet
is the only place i’ll rule)
The outside:
A mirror
The reflection:
Time decaying:
One year
the amber bottles
keep me warm in here
an array of glossy labels
food for the unstable
stainless steel and iron
cold and bright with the light on
the bathtubs overflowing
a sign she’ll soon be going
but the water is pink
and the tiles are cold
the candles burnt down
and the faucet so old
her arm at the surface
that one azure eye
a face unrepentant
under steam rising high
i walk to the edge
to watch blue eyes close
lips pressed together
bubbles on the nose
her wavy face now
as my reflection
kept on smearing
i admonished the idea
replaced the cap again
a little handful of pills
as my life went down the drain