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My 2000th Action Poetry Post

Posted to Action Poetry

(it's just been pointed out to me by my good friend um...cause for initial capping, don't you think?)

There is given some import
to numbers
symbols that count:
1 is the lonliest
2 heads are better than one
and where elbows and egos rub,
3's company,
4 for golfer's hollar
5 is high and slap happy
6 times tres is beastly sign
7's rolls are heavy luck
8 is crazy, that's all it ever was
9's abode is heaven, flats in clouds
or love voodoo within a flask,
a whipping chug 'o heat
10's the hoard of leaping lords...

But what of 10 times dos cien?
what significance has it?
post after post, a mightly hurling tower
into ether, either this
has some mighty symbolism handy
or it is merely
the turning of odometer
and how many other roads need travel
equal to these steps?

Yet here it is, evidence of presence spent
packing mud and slapping mortar
brick on quicker brick,
welcome to this realm of acres...
where tu casa is
my very own

(hey, am I a veteran yet?)