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found art (graffiti taken from the walls of The Masque - LA)

Posted to Action Poetry


The Doomed

The Metro Squad Stole From Arthur J.

Fuck a Dog - Statutory Rape

The Dils - Think

Eraserhead - ALRIGHT!

I love bondage by Marcy

I dont care if C. loves Bruce - if youre happy, do it

White Dopes On Punk

Masque Confussion!

Punish or be Damned

Monitor - art Rock

"The only way to escape horror is to bury yourself in it"
Jean Genet

The Fucked

Rock Bottom's a faggot

Geza is gay!

Jerrys Suck

Not all fags are wimps

DIE NAZIS! Nope; not so simple.

Remember the plungers

Crickets make tasty snacks for reptiles

The Germs are microscopics

Darby is microscopic


The Germs Steal Stuff

I knew this would happen

Anarchy = Peace

Freedom is Loss

Let all the poison that lurks in the mud pass out

Brainless sten guns in Bel Air

Blow God

Kill a Cop

Suicide Pole - Hit Head Here 50 MPH

Fear has only one homosexual - me, Derf Scratch

Punks Rule - Fuck Disco

Kay Oss

Kill the 70's

Go-Go's, Plugz, Germs, Elvis Costello

Sell Out Now!

Everything is Wrong

Fuck Punks!

Kill Yourself

Long Live Bormann

Kill a Pig

Kill Hippies!


Long Hair Forever

Bong Ludes!

Peace, Pot and Microdots


No Drugs No Pussy No Future No Bags

Quadraplegics cant masturbate

Who Cares About Cows

Barry Manilow was here

You Are Ugly

Quoth the Raven; "Nevermore!"

Marcy is 30 years old - haha!

Cal Worthington was here - He's a commie!

Stamp Out Inferiors!

Pussy Power!

I'm MAD! so what - Im Mau Mau!