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friday forecast

Posted to Action Poetry

reading line by line
simple letters
that form my joy
curving in sensuality
black against white
in smoothness
that replicates
a feminine form
while others
break in limp
that create angles
of esoteric mathematics
familiar beauty
that isn't skin deep
but extends into
the grey matter
a mind captured
on a screen
speaking to me
asking me out
asking me for love
asking me for something
in the middle
with creme filling
to touch my sweetness
with a delicate fiber
that extends into
my own optic nerves
threaded onto your
thoughts as they
unfold in organization
that hold the
erratic works
of your mind
giving me more
than i asked for
my synapses
with fourth of july
while i hear
wrist watch ticks
telling me
it's getting closer
my week draining me
of necessary smiles
that come out
half cocked
with snide sarcascm
to hear you
without sounds
to comprehend
the meaning
only text book definitions
opposite my own
chaotic swirls
that leap out
of my mouth
with pouty lips
of blood hues
completely natural
my lithe flesh taunt
and ready
to expel itself
with yours
when the world
revolves under our feet
music holding us tight
drink in our veins
that thins
to allow fluidness
hearing it mount
with hidden innuedos
to explode
underneath the lights
that flash in
a conformed sequence
while i stand there
reactive to it all
but only