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I am the alchemist.

Posted to Action Poetry

Gold turned tin.
I wash from the heavens
raining salt and sulfur
and mercurial sleet.

I drain from the streets.
I slip into capsules, tablets,
fill up the ward and let loose the captives.

I scrape the wine barrels
and spit in your tea.

I drink my fill and hit the city,
looking for unwashed dogs
and soft skulled pushers.

I listen for coughs
and sobs
and cuts
and holes.

I swallow throats
and dissolve all stomachs.

Bottles drink me
and I seep from
mothers' weeping eyes.

I am the corner you'd never sit in.
The cup you'd never sip from.
The hand you'd never hold.
The pebble you wouldn't throw.
The petal you would'nt pick.
The healer that makes you sick.

I am the pill in your hand, young man.
I am the pull on your soul,
the rock in your roll,
the bottomless hole.