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it started with one sweet kiss

Posted to Action Poetry

roaring mouths and lips
all tongues tied
drinking each others' limbs
all night long i watched you sleep
and right now
you just turned to me
and lifted up your mitts
cradling my chin
as the little dog licked
my toes
i squelched a laugh
you snuggled closer
then the little dog went arf!
in the dark
the radio glowed funny
and this feeling inside
of me awake at 3 am
worrying about money
and our dream house
tonight i am a sculptor
shaping away the dark
listening to your gift
your breath
your simple unbroken movement
me kicking the little dog off the bed
she jumps back and arfs!
you sleep on
while i look on
your are the sweetest love
and i hold you
for the next six hours
waiting for you to wake up
and say "hi"

what will you wear tomorrow
you asked me
half raised in bed
sheets to breasts draped
hey, the thought of our future
together, me looking at your
sunny upturned nose
and one foot rooted in the past
and my ambition,
my dreaming seeing you sleeping
there all and warm
something happens

but i am not there
when you arise
you break my heart
every day when i awake
to see your freckled face
you ask about your hair
how it looks
but i am blinded by tears
all i see is beauty
truth of our mad beating
la la la
you at twelve
you at twenty
you at thirty-five
and time flies
you and me
we are oaks
wrapped about each other

then you wake alone
smelling love
from the corner of our house
surrounded by two sister cats
but the dogs
the dogs, they know
i am busy in the kitchen
making pancakes made with love

i waited all night for your love
now that you are awake
breakfast is ready
how i held you and waited for you
all night
to greet the dawn
my mission in life
to feed you every moment
the love you need
to solve the world

they can kill me
but i will never die
so long my lovely lady
when our eyes eat the sky

we shall meet
knowing the world is round
i dance in our kitchen of life
you naked and me wearing your robe
you look at me, saying, hey, we got eggs!

and how i adore you
and love you
come every morning
just to see you rise
and greet me
so blue and
you the pink
a mystery
grand new dawn