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chasing amy

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makes for good poetry. I write poetry to write good poetry. When my personal life is mixed in it's for no other reason than a self-serving tendency to work my demons through my consciousness using my fingers to clack it all along smoothly.

It's almost as if I prefer the girl the way I prefer my poetry to be written: a selfish interpretation of hope and the congruence and confluence of striving for abstract beauty beyond rational definitions.

I like my poetry to attain abstract beauty beyond rational definitions (whether I am successful lies in two realms: my own mind - where I think I have; and the minds of others - where I believe I have failed, or at the very least have not succeeded yet) and I've seen such beauty that is beyond my written rational ability in the upward glance of the girl I've seen and mention now and then in verse.

Perhaps that better explains my situation of poetry.