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A Wind Has Blown Open

Posted to Action Poetry

A Wind has blown open
the doors, the windows of this House
flown in quite unaware
It's nature is to do so,
to lift the tendrils of my hair
which to its frame, espouse

I have ridden such before,
upon a current, stream of air
insistent in its tempest
with frightful grace, winged ease
bore me helpless on its back
and stole me to its lair

A Wind, a Foreign Force invades,
by virtue of Its very Name
the space within, It fills without
empties me of prayer and word
wraps me up in golden fleece
and ties me with the same

It knows Its course, unending
kept by neither day nor night
liquid flowing through my hands
with cryptic weight of mercury
escaped their momentary clasp
and vanished out of sight

So like the Wind, sweet fragrance
provoked a longing cursed to be
unmet, untouched, unsatisfied
to consummate, retaliate,
whips my face with painful tease
declaring Itself free

A Wind has blown open
Its mighty gale's blistered through,
It took my heart in passing
before I'd chance to bar the door
up, away, beyond my hopes,
Desire and Wind both flew