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guarded by torment

Posted to Action Poetry

i've always wondered why you never ask and you never really tell. we play this game well i suppose. maybe a little too well.. i'm no longer in a comfort zone where you seem to want to stay. you never say goodbye, well maybe it's time we should; or not. confusion about everything in life but then again so certain. maybe that's all part of it. i know you then i don't...i start to walk away then somehow you pull me back. well, i'm asking you this time, why? why is it that pride stands so tall between us when it shouldn't? why does the dusk settle in for you to pull up the blinds for sunrise? i don't want a tally mark on the board; white chalked residue from your sleeve; an apostrophe after my first name...i see so clearly where i write so blindly..i stand where i want to kneel, i lean where i should sleep...don't know where insanity and reality decipher ..maybe i don't need to..maybe...i'm just tired of not i constantly pick up and put down the boxing gloves while i wait just wait for the bell to ring..checkmate..where to move now when you continuously misplace the key..honestly, i don't think you ever wanted it..or maybe i didn't...point is, that the dust is settled and i have no wish to whisper to it again..its there, stagnant; not breathing unless its tossiled by you