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last night...

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i dreamt you...

violent hands
speaking anger
with forced images
and fingers
that strangle
stars speading
in beached memory
when i was sincerely
smiling with love
or some form
of it
shaped in emotions
that ripened in
swollen bodies
pressing everything
until it
until it
in clumps
of moist red
masses of tissue...

my feet moved over the softness of the sand, still warm from the sun, from the day time, gliding to follow the breeze and the fires calling, the waves, dark and hidden, in the black sky, crashing to show off greyish crest, that serenade a void, still inside my heart, i'm walking alone feeling the night suckle my skin, my mind emptied of it all, except, that instinct of eyes, that follow me, watching me in my solitude, aching to pluck me out of myself and devour me, in passion, i'm in a trance though, unable to react, as i feel the grains of sand, every single pebble, cling to my entire backside, my cheek exploding, howling hot pain, my neck shrinking, clutching at the little air molecules it can, sudden...then slowed down, my mind still racing, past it all, my tangible body, moving in gelatinous stratashpere, i see your face, ontop of me, malevolent, and evil, contradictory to the one by the the fire...letting alcohol play with my senses, strangly highlighting everything with those erratic flame dances, oranges, yellows, reds, and the black contrasts, stretching shadows in a deifance of natural law, my music, in the background, while ashes flitter around us, in circular patterns, like butterfly wings, hearing your words, woven in honor of me, and our 'love', chased by tiny kisses that fall upon my neck, arms, ears, cheek, mouth, i'm...happy, while the moon watches over us...the moon watches over you spit out the animosity with closed fists, "where the fuck'd you go, huh, you stupid bitch", rings around my finger, rings around my head, i try to move my limbs, to fight, but i'm pinned like a long ago dead insect, with the glass casing now shattering over me, slicing into my joy, with darkened blood, trickling out of my face, while your knees, press into me, suffocating, i gasp, listening to the waves, roll by in disregard, then...only silence...a silence that is eerie and thick, my body filmed over in a layer of sweat, laying on cotton, not beach, surf replaced by the scent of vanilla, realizing...i'm home, i whisper your name to my walls, just to make sure, i'm am alone, "nick?" with out an answer, i lay back down, tense and scared, yet...relieved, knowing it was a nightmare, that...

i dreamt you...