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Childishness. (( How I wish I could? ))

Posted to Action Poetry

The understatement,
of innocence unveiled.
I watch her,
breathing in and out.
I wonder,
what she worries about.
What thoughts plague her mind.
Why she looks at me,
which such big eyes,
the weight of the world on her shoulders?
I wish,
I could be what she is,
the mere symolic child.
I know,
that she is the same as I.
With worries of her own,
idle as they may seem.

(( Will she feed me again? ))

(( Will she come if I cry? ))

(( Will Mommy stay with me forever? ))

I look at my hands,
that have caused so much of my own destruction,
as I hold my child to my chest,
soothed by my heart beat.
And I wonder,
can pure evil breed laughter?