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though dead, inert and only a tool of communcating ideas far too abstract to be fully realized by the recipient, have an insane amount of power. I give you the last chapter of the book The Things They Carried. I give you Charlotte's Web. I give you Tuesdays With Morrie. I give you the first time I read Pale Fire, the poem by Vladimir Nabokov.

All were extraordinarily emotive acts. All inspired in me, a strong emotional feeling while in the physical act of sitting in a chair and moving my eyes over the lines of a book.

Do not doubt the power of words; nor their worth. Respect the concept that we humans can even TRY to describe the philosophical, emotional and aesthetic fragments of a story that otherwise would have died with its actor. There is nothing more beautiful in the world than the feeling of an emotional and idealogical connection with a writer who is master of his craft... besides Sharon, the girl for whom I pine.

I said Chasing Amy because it's a Kevin Smith movie about "the one that got away" and that's exactly what Sharon is so I felt it was an appropriate juxtaposition.

Thanks for your reply, Carmen. I like talking to you.