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from the ash

Posted to Action Poetry

of a littered cigarette
your face unfolds
in ancient smoke signs
that whisper about
times now decayed
barren and past
when your eyes
held mine
touching me softly
from petal to flesh
i felt the heat
you transfered into me
with sweaty moments
when we made an
false form of love
laying naked on
one another
letting desire eclipse
the entire day
our bed
that was mine
to tell the story
of when we were
and how we weren't
lost in
salty tears of
betrayal and violence
the walls staring
as our eyes always
met in secret
to speaking in
esoteric silence
but you never heard
when i said goodbye
with a locked door
broken heart
and bruised body
i let it die
an aborted fetus
expelled from my life
in the dust of the day
that i still can taste
on the tip
of my tongue