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i was an honors student in hs

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and look how stupid i am
no, really i have to say that i was lucky enough to be in this program with a great group of kids for my 3 years. the AP (advanced placement) group who were a bit above us, were a bit uptight and i am so glad i wasnt part of AP becuase as it turns out, we all graduated with the same title

if you are smart or if your kid is smart, you dont need to advertise it
i never took my PSAT becuase i was afraid of how poorly i was going to do in the math part (i fear math more than death and im horrible at it) when i took my SAT's i got a disgustingly stupid score in math and an awesome score in english. so i got less than 1000. if you would have seen just my english scores, you would have thought i was brilliant but hey, turns out im not. once i realized this, i pulled the sticker off the seat of my pants that read smarty and went into a perenial state of self hatred.

why am i rammbling?