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dad killed us

Posted to Action Poetry

those early days
we were so wide eyed scared
the drinks we could count
reeking on his breath
as he threw things at us
leaving holes in walls
leaving marks in us
shivering under blankets
hiding from goings on in other rooms
loud sharp sounds we didn't want to identify
sneaking out
middle of the night trips
mom crying so hard she had to pull over
and us pretending not to know
we were visiting relatives at midnight
growing up scared... till he left
then you left too
me to come home alone, face mom
trying to care
nothing divided us as much
as the leaving
staying away as long as possible
before crashing into me again
arguing and picking fights
when we so desperatly needed uniting
he broke us apart
forever changed, i see hardness
in you and i
and i see him
in you