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Laguna loot

Posted to Action Poetry

I can't be sure of the day or age...

treasure in the tidepools,
the giddy joy of a pirate child
hunting medallions in the sand

there was a wreck out there
some distance past
I imagined the salty weeds
that tangled my toes as I swam
somehow pulled the ship
and emptied out a fortune's chest
that washed ashore and settled
where crabs and sea anemones
had made their home

starfish were always a pleasure to find,
but when my hand sunk under and struck
familiar currency,
a thrill like Christmas morning
roused that gift-greedy wide-eyedness,
loot was in the bay!
old and corroded splitting nickel
or copper, mercury dimes
with rusted wings

my mom and I, like two scavengers,
pillaged the pools
and left that afternoon
baring small plastic bags
heavy with history