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in the dark

Posted to Action Poetry

in the dark
and my soul is throbbing
raw and exposed on my
operating table bed
and the dark night flights hover
and the surgical instruments saw
and slice
and everything is laid out in the dark
bleeding and helpless
black blood
red tears
rising from the floor
dripping from the ceiling
my breath smothers me
fear crawls into my mouth
and sits crouched in my throat
time is a sad forever
and i want just want
to be touched and my fingers
do it for me but my touch
is empty and is not another
I hold myself
and shudder and my
shoulder blades are sad bones
against my hands
i suffer oh how i suffer
and the tree beside my window
taps and scrapes as though
it were scraping out the remains
of my soul
and there is no one
just me and that is
horrible so horrible
and it feels like forever