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light pink love

Posted to Action Poetry

(i'm asking you)
my love has only one fingerprint
in varied ovals and tiny lines.
i am certain you are covered with it.
i need nothing more than what you give
with your heart overflowing
my ears deaf to your pleading
(i'm asking you)
i know your ache--
you wear it in your sleep
close to your pulse point.
i wish i could disappear it
but the result
would be my eventual demise.
you love me
with a hurt and heart so complete
that the harvest moon covered in clouds
means nothing anymore.
(i'm asking you)
hold me, my love, with your eyes.
leave your arms tossed to the pillows
and see me for the belief
the disbelief.
can you love me this way
or will i have to convince you
with nothing less
than a quiet admission of light pink love?
can you take me this way
with flaws and frayed edges?
forgotten and remembered?
(i'm asking you)