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light pink death

Posted to Action Poetry

[i'm telling you]
your love has only one shade to it
not a pinkish hue
but one of gray steel.

it is variably cold and hard,
soft and dark.
inconstant, fickle.

i am certain to be smothered by it.
it is understated
and overwhelming
it is me finding your emptiness
[i'm telling you]
how i ache--

shivering in my sleep
to the beat of my faint pulse.

if you left you'd disappear me
but if you stay--

[i'm telling you]

i know your hurt
would make me complete
under a distant moon
that never meant anything

[i'm telling you]
hold me, my love, with your eyes
and keep your arms held tight to your chest
cling to your belief or disbelief
tell me, my love, with your eyes
if you can love me this way
or if i'll have to convince you
with nothing less
than a quiet submission of light pink death

can you take away my flaws
and frayed edges?
i think so
[i've been trying to tell you]