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Speed freak sparrow

Posted to Action Poetry

the 21century nature song,
sinking in eye-shadow vagrancy
twists of lemon caress
my knee is on the sparrow
the sparrow is on amphetamine
tweet tweet tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet gag agagagagagagagaga
crazy sparrow becomes lucid dove
Crystal on wings --
sailing across October sky devine
the amphetamine is on the table
the table powdered towards medusa nights
many tongues yabbering on...
this information has disected truth
engulfed seraphim sinners
sunlight tar in the afternoon
this feathered angel
above it all
too high above
too high by far
the trees, golden medal
sprinting nature
finish line at midnight
drunken sparrow digressed
and distressed
chewing empty mouth
unstillness in this death
little bird sleeps