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Love (again)

Posted to Action Poetry

Someone once danced with me at midnight
in the middle of a musicless road
it was winter and the moon was full
he was older, taller, a poet and fiend
I think I was thirteen to his seventeen
I can still remember his smell
as he lent down to kiss the top of my head.

I used to sit next to a boy at school
he was a transfer student from Denmark
he couldnt speak a word of english
but had the most amazing eyes I had ever seen
I didnt mind, having to read wuthering Heights so slowly with him
it was heaven enough to watch him smile at the images,
he could grasp from the novel.
At the end of the year...
he gave me a six page love letter, in perfect English
and I gave him, in return, his frst English kiss.

The first time a boy ever told me he loved me
was just after him creeping up behind me in a park
and eavesdropping on me singing 'here comes the sun' to myself
I loved him back
and everything was allright.

I fell in love with brothers
and ended up kissing only
their sister.

Ive traced memories,
now I read them like a poem.

There was this boy
who used to get s lonely
I would follow him
and pick daisies
post them through his letter box
tuck them in his rucksack
link them between the strings of his guitar.

Twice I flew over an ocean
careless and headstrong
just so I could feel like I was at home.

There was this girl I knew
she was unsure whether she loved guys or gals
and wondered if I could help her out....
man, what a summer.

and Im only 19
I cant wait
cannot wait
to taste a thousand kinds of love
just wonder
when Ill find the one I want to stick with.