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geodesic Love construction

Posted to Action Poetry

i have fallen victim to the elixir
of an October Moon.
i swoon aerodynamic latitudes,
taking two equations, making them equal
with algebraic love, examining elations
under a glass, fast putting the jeweler's magnification
on my eye - less than, more than, divided by
multiplications of whole notes scaled - physically,
geometrically combined like a geodesic dome,

tensegrity -
tension and integrity -
we are an equilateral triangle,
a Geodynamic Stress

Love is a Geodesic Dome -
i am home
in its frequency,
three legs
repeatedly -
the center line echoed
from a secure base

i drink in beams from a full orb satellite afloat,
a trace of wonder on atmosphere,
the glare of autumn sky amusingly
clear, sphered by reflected

at first, it was on the horizon,
full, whole, round, rising above bark and trunk,
treating us with a trick, spunk in its glow.....

and then it rose,
it rose like glee,
it rose like the morning
coming out of me,
it rose like christ in victory,
it rose like a solid structure made out of
cardboard, Love equalateral!

we climb up to the roof of it
and bounce, sturdy on our feet,
knees sprung with resiliency -
later, after the climbing and rising,
after the test of sturdiness,
after the proof -
we crawl inside
and beg a prayer
while breaking
bread under

we own the elixer, lovers
shared, fed,
soothed, exchanged,
the wideness of orbit
moving lightyears brighter....

and when you led
me to construction,
calculating the strength of structure,
i followed, sure of the measurement.