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a transparent bead of love

Posted to Action Poetry

my love is decorated
in green and lavender beads,
transparent in their glittering.
the dimmer on the overhead light
sends a shiver down my spine
as i see the glimmering catch
the corner of your eye.
(that's you, you say)
white roses for christmas
sit idle on the counter
(everday is now eternity)
i slide closer to you
and am just an open distraction.
stars are held in my heart--
their astronomy invisible to you.
you love me
you love me
but where are my fears today?
you're watching it all go by
without noticing i'm breaking
by your open eyed kissing
watching the technicolor of the t.v.
not the misty glaze of my lips.
i want you with all the constellations of my heart
but i'm not the wanted sort of girl.
there is an aroma to my need
and you wear it like a dirty t-shirt.
just grab me,
need me,
want me,
tell me i'm a transparent bead
on the fringe of a beautiful silk blanket.
(you won't leave
but you won't notice my shrinking either)
white roses sit idle on the counter,
christmas hanging soon on the mantle.
lavender and green beads
clearing their color
in the morning light.
isn't it beautiful?